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Below is a list of commonly asked questions.
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Q: What services does SimConnect Freight Management offer?

A: SimConnect Freight Management provides a number of services including dedicated truckloads, expedited freight, specialized haul, hazmat certified, temperature controlled units and direct trailers to Mexico. In addition, we can facilitate and provide various other logistics services such as brokerage, cost analysis, freight management and storage.

Q: What regions does SimConnect service?

A: SimConnect is based in Mississauga, Ontario in Canada. We service all of Canada from coast-to-coast, and provide direct trailer services to Mexico. In addition we cover the Southeastern, Southwestern, Central and Midwestern regions of the United States.

Q: Does SimConnect own their trucks?

A: Yes we are an Asset based Carrier located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada with over 80 Dry Vans And 10 Temperature controlled units and growing. Our Modern fleet is 2.5 years or newer providing increased reliability and lower operating costs. That means more competitive prices for our customers.

Q: What type of equipment does SimConnect own?

A: Every tractor is equipped with up-to-date / current GPS satellite communication devices.

Q: Does SimConnect provide insurance on all loads?

A: Yes. We are a fully insured company and every load we carry is fully insured. Increased coverage is available based on load value.

Q: Is SimConnect Freight Management bonded?

A: Yes. We are a Canadian as well as US bonded carrier.

Q: What is your expedited service?

A: Our expedited service means non-stop driving from the moment we pick up a load until its delivery point. With team drivers, our trucks move around the clock to deliver cargo in the shortest time possible within the limits of the law.

Q: What goods can be transported in your temperature controlled units?

A: Our reefers can be programmed to maintain exact temperatures, creating a warm, cool or frozen trailer climate. That allows us to move a range of goods including dairy, produce, meats, frozen foods and flowers.

Q: Can SimConnect handle HAZMAT shipments?

A: Yes. We are HAZMAT certified company, meaning that we can legally handle all classes of HAZMAT goods. We have the specialized equipment needed for the safe transportation of HAZMAT cargo and our drivers are professionally trained to move HAZMAT freight.

Q: What is the maximum weight of a load SimConnect can haul?

A: We can handle up to 80,000 lbs in gross volume weight.

Q: Does SimConnect employ company drivers or owner operators?

A: We work with both company drivers and owner operators.

Q: Is SimConnect a C-TPAT partner?

A: Yes. SimConnect Freight Management is a member of the Customers Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT). Our company has been audited and our security measures deemed to meet or surpass the recommendations of Canadian and U.S. customs agencies.

Q: What safety/security measures does SimConnect take?

A: SimConnect Freight Management drivers are screened and selected for their clean records and solid driving experience. We train our drivers to handle a range of emergency situations and to actively detect potential security threats. Our trucks are fitted with GPS and satellite communication devices allowing for a safe and constant line of communication with our operations units.
All of our truck yards and offices are secured perimeters. They are fenced in, alarmed, monitored with 24/7 CCTV and accessible only through automated gates.

Q: What programs/partnerships is SimConnect a part of?

A: SimConnect Freight Management is a member of several programs including Responsible Care, Smart Way, ACE, PIP, FAST and C-TPAT.

Q: What doc/info do I need for a Can., US or Mex. bound shipment?

A: If you are a customer, we require a load confirmation and specific load information, such as the cargo type and weight. We also require a pickup and delivery appointment.
If you are a shipper, we require several documents, including the bill of lading, customs invoice and customs information, such as who is clearing the load. Depending on the load, we may also require additional documents (certificate of analysis, NAFTA agreement, FDA approvals etc.).

Q: What is PARS?

A: PARS stands for Pre-Arrival Review System. It is used to process customs paperwork for shipments before they enter into Canada.

Q: What is PAPS?

A: PAPS stands for Pre-Arrival Processing System and is the US equivalent of PARS. PAPS is used to process customs paperwork for shipments before they enter into the US.

Q: What is ACE?

A: ACE stands for Automated Commercial Environment. It is a partnership between the US Customs Agency and private carriers intended to facilitates border crossings by sharing real-time information and creating electronic manifests.

Q: What is ACI?

A: ACI stands for Advance Commercial Information. ACI is a Canadian program that emulates ACE in that it requires manifests to be electronically submitted to the border agency prior entering Canada.

Q: Do I need to find my own customs broker?

A: Yes. Shippers must find their own customs broker.

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